Providing scheduled lunch and dinner meals with the convenience of ordering as early as a week in advance or as late as an hour before delivery time. Orders can be placed in under 30 sec with easy cancellations.


Reasons ZipLunch model is a safe back to the office solution:

  1. Reduce number of employees coming in and out of the office during lunch time: Employees can stay in their offices and once order arrives, they will get a notification to pick it from the designated pickup hub (contactless).

  2. Reduce delivery drivers coming in and out of your offices: With ZipLunch, one delivery driver delivers all meals for all employees who placed an order from the same restaurant. 

  3. Individually packed orders: Each employee meal will be delivered in a separate bag with their name on it. 

  4. Employees will stay away from busy food courts: Reduce team exposure to highly congested areas where physical distancing may be challenging.

All while enjoying curated dishes from top local restaurants. 


How it Works: 

  1. In the case the company cover their staff/team lunches, company mangers will need to create an account with ZipLunch and add their employees/staff. If meals are not covered by the company, ZipLunch can still serve employees directly at their workplace.

  2. Each Employee will have their own login to use on ZipLunch web and mobile app. 

  3. Each Saturday a new menu for the week is released. 

  4. Employees can start placing orders individually for the week as early as Saturday or on the day of delivery.

  5. Orders are then delivered within the specified delivery window

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